About 2014 [Focus and Occupation]

2013 was quite the phenomenal year. It started off pretty wobbly, without any definiteness of purpose per se. In my humble opinion, the year developed a life of its own and created a theme for itself, “Fix Things Fast”. Almost every experience I had in 2013 appeared to have been a collaboration of all the things I had procrastinated on, coming to focus on me and forcing me to action.

Above every other thing, I’m glad that a LOT of baggage got lifted in 2013 and I’m moving into 2014 light, and ready to live up to the things that matter to me and give me flow. Below are a few things I plan to focus on in 2014 in order of importance. I intentionally maintained some ambiguity in order not to over share.┬áMy objective for posting is to insert an element of accountability into these things.

  1. Learning more from people who know more – reading more books, watching more documentaries, asking more questions, and not being afraid to be wrong so that I can learn and mine wisdom
  2. Doing more as relates to initiatives to which I am lending myself, in work, and in charity
  3. Giving more of what I have in time and resources to purposes larger than myself
  4. Working smarter, knowing more so I can spend less time on low impact activities


  5. Educating myself about governance and public policy, and being more vocal about politics in Africa – There is a dire need for people who care about what is going on in those governments and wish to make a positive impact on the macro level. I’ve chosen to learn more about the public sector because without proper understanding, it is hard for initiatives in the private sector to thrive, achieve their objectives and be rewarded accordingly.

I learnt in 2013 that-

  • You don’t need to be a large tree to cast a shadow. You just need to be in the way of the sun, and as you grow, you cast a bigger shadow.
  • Anything worth fixing is worth fixing now. Timing is of the essence but if the time is even remotely right, its time to get it fixed.
  • Surround yourself with an army of wisdom and resources, in the same token, be a comrade to the army around you. Use the hookup, be the hookup.
  • You don’t hurt anyone but yourself by not bringing your 100% to anything worth your time.

I’m excited about what 2014 has to offer, I hope you are too!

Happy new year, in advance.

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