Appreciate the journey

Recently, I have caught myself a few times backtracking and re-imagining how life would be for me if I had made certain decisions differently, or if I had done certain things instead of certain other things. You know, the typical analysis of our journeys during the building process. More importantly, I’ve been doing a lot of reflection, and it has impacted me in very many ways, mostly good.

My reflection process has made me revisit my long term plans for myself and the ways I want to make an impact on the world around me. They have also made me beat myself up pretty severely for many missteps I made in the process. This phase I am going through has taken a huge toll on me, and as a result, I find myself anxiously zapping through my days in a pursuit of a natural execution of plans I have put together for the near future.

Today, I got my copy of “Plan Twice, Build Once” by the guys at the podcast, and while reading through, a quote from a particular interview really resonated with me.

I believe you have gone through all the things you went through to get to where you are now. We love to look back and recount all the things we’d change for the better. We imagine a scenario in which we use our newfound knowledge to get from A to B faster, avoid all mistakes, do everything right the first time, and all live happily ever after. But the truth is, we undervalue where the knowledge came from. Those mistakes, those dead-ends, they were vastly more valuable than the times we got it right the first time. It’s not fun. Failure sucks. But a different perspective, an appreciation for the path that got us to where we are now and where we’ll be next, makes everything so much more fulfilling. – Perri Blake Gorman

What amazing insight. We always underestimate the journey that has enabled us glean the knowledge and experience we have today, torturing ourselves with the thought that if we had done X, Y or Z differently, things could have been better.

In essence, do not underestimate the journey. Everything that has happened till now has happened for a reason – good, bad, silly, smart, gruesome, or pleasant. Relish that journey, and live the rest of it. The legend will unravel itself as you continue to travel.


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