Attention is our scarcest resource, or not [is it still all about the eyes?]

Every day, a new super smart person learns a tad bit more about how to get your attention and find their way to your wallet. Granted, we’ve grown past the snake oil days, so they are technically trying to find ways to add value to your life, so that you can give them your money. Scarce resource, in return for scarce resource.

There’s the popular saying, that you’ve got 10 seconds to catch the attention of the consumer of a marketing message, maybe even less in the world we are today with the amount of things compounding that are after our eyes, butts and God knows what else. But, everyone is working so hard to make a good first impression, I’m not sure exactly how much we are investing into maintaining a healthy relationship with our consumers.

How much of an effort are we putting into nurturing a connection and sense of belonging with our consumers through their journey within our organizations? When we build businesses around getting the attention of consumers for short term gains, we loose opportunities to build businesses that stand the test of time. When building businesses, we should build them with the expectation that we are playing a long game. We should incorporate the WOW into our business’s infrastructure and DNA. We should empower our team members with everything they need to make customers or clients feel at home.

Staff that call customers by name, remember the customer’s last interaction with the company and can deliver a contextual experience to the customer’s journey with the business so far are priceless. Systems that power marketing programs and initiatives that are ‘smart’ and learn about the customer as the customer encounters the brand across the different touchpoints (people, devices, websites etc.) are the future. Think, remarketing that knows what your interests are and delivers a contextual marketing message based on what you have been looking for. A mix of artificial intelligence and some human tutelage.

The future is bright, amazing, and a bit intrusive (but all for a great cause). The message remains, invest into cultivating relationships. People love people, and when given an option, will opt to do business with people they love. It starts within the business. When coworkers have great relationships with each other, it is easier to bring the love to their work, and delight their patrons.


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