On believing things we do not understand

People, don’t be baited into fighting. I’ve noticed that a lot of us don’t read articles, care little about history, and have but extremely shallow knowledge of the things we believe in or fight for.

Let’s be cognizant of the fact that all the things we see around us, society, politics, government, language, social constructs etc. we’re created by people just like us, not likely any smarter than we are.

Always seek to challenge the basis of what you see; the context that surrounds it in history and the reality of our world today. In the famous words of Texan artiste, Meat Loaf – objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are. History always tends to repeat itself because we are not diligent enough to dig in and form opinions based on our own values and/or ideals. Not how things have been staged to look like, or how things have been marketed or explained to us.

Lets be better. Don’t throw your weight behind something if you’ve not done some background work to form your opinion.

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