The Curse of the Freelancer [creating a sustainable business]

When most people choose to quit their day job and start their own business, they often do so with the hopes and dreams that they will create one that enables them do what they love, and have control over their time, outcome of their work and profits. However, more often than not, we find out that it happens not to be the case. The individual sets out to hire themselves, in a venture where they keep working just as hard, or harder than they did when they were working at a regular job. Granted, they are doing what they love, but they are not actually living the dream of freedom and liberty. Needless to say, what you love doing could easily be a nightmare if it is so stressful to you that it is not sustainable.

That said, I like the school of thought that boils an entrepreneur down to someone who creates a business that is sustainable. In other words, a business that can run successfully without the presence of its founder. The idea is that, as you start getting the basics of your business down, you should start focusing on modelling it out into scalable and repeatable processes that can be executed with or without your presence. At that point, you as the entrepreneur or founder will be responsible for innovating. Finding out how the business model can be tweaked, and how you can add more value to your customers, such that the business grows faster and evolves with changing times.

Then and only then do we have an entrepreneur. A business that has you as its nucleus, such that it cannot run successfully without your presence is more like a freelance agency that was founded by you, and hires you. The goal should be to create something that is bigger than you. A system of processes that are scalable, repeatable and individual agnostic.

Food for thought.



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