Effective Interaction Designers Change Organizations

Insightful video about the role of interaction design in organizations, how it has changed and where it is heading. Worth every minute.

As interaction designers, organizations are the context for our work.

And when it comes to the web and other digital channels, organizations are broken. We have a problem.

However great our interaction design chops are, we can’t sustainably deliver great user experiences that achieve business goals without becoming agents of change. That’s right: to do our work well, we need to help our organizations deal with the huge changes that the internet revolution has created. Management sticking their heads in the sand didn’t work so well over the last 15 years.

That means we need to leave our comfort zones and step away from our digital tools, to talk to colleagues and clients about the problems they face. Call it service design, multi-channel user experience, or web governance: it comes to the same thing. Does the organization have the key areas of web strategy, governance, execution, and measurement covered?

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