Everyone is a Leader [or, could be]

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Leaders are everywhere in an organization. At the top, the bottom and everywhere in between. Dennis Cheesebrown in this article speaks about leadership as Partnership with a mix of Timely, Consistent and Fair management. He speaks of the idea that everyone in an organization is a manager to a certain extent. Everyone manages their time and resources to deliver the value and outcomes expected from them on a regular day at work. Couple that with the idea of partnership and you have leaders all over the organization.

Partnership is the idea that assigned leaders could suspend authority and allow others in the organization take an active role in furthering the work of everyone. In my opinion, leveraging the strengths and experiences of everyone within the organization to get sh*t done. This means, if you look out for others while getting your work done, contribute to a fun and interesting culture that directly impacts the productivity of your colleagues, and are passionate about the vision and objectives you share, while at the same time managing yourself well enough to deliver high quality results consistently as related to your role, you are a leader. And even if your title today does not reflect that fact, possibilities are that you are closer to that opportunity than you ever were.

As such, any personal development you are doing that is geared towards playing your role well, and enabling other people play theirs better through your actions and contributions is gearing you up to be a better leader. The key words here are ‘enabling’, ‘contributing’, ‘others’ and ‘better’. Being better by helping others be better. Food for thought.

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