Hooking on to the Nigerian twitter firehose

nigeria360-firehoseAs most people who know me are aware of, I’m originally Nigerian. In fact, I spent the early 19 years of my life in Nigeria, growing and being bred. As I’ve grown older and embraced my sense of identity more intimately, I’ve found myself asking a lot of questions about Nigerian history, and just being more curious altogether about what is going on there and how I can be more aware, for my benefit now, and in the future when I’m in a better position to use my resources to solve pervasive problems there.

Meet Firehose. With the help of Matthias’s BirdWatch clojure app from Twitter, my fairly beefy VPS, Redis, and Elasticsearch, I came up with a pretty neat project to help archive and index tweets by and about Nigerians. I’ve spent a good chunk of time sweeping through and refining my search terms and stop words to get the most relevant tweets archived and analyzed. I can say based on what I’m seeing so far, that I have a good firehose of tweets that can help me notice trends and discussion topics among Nigerians in real time.

To see a good example of this, visit – http://firehose.nigeria360.com

I’m open to feedback and comments on what I have so far. The long term plan is to also archive content from specific credible blogs, news outlets and other social networks as well, so that there is a well rounded firehose of content out of which some good real time analysis can be done. What can I say, big data and technology for the win!

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