How to be a genius at anything [seek to know, yet, seek to see]

Succinctly, be an opportunist. In today’s world, it is very important to be intelligent, hard working and talented. But it is not enough. Intelligence, hard work and talent will get you far, no doubt, but genius is where we want to be. Geniuses create things and go through highly valuable activities in a better way than the average person can. Geniuses shape our world, and geniuses make impact. The rationale for my thinking is behind a saying that goes-

There are some things that you don’t need to know how they work – you only need to know that they work. While some people are studying the roots, others are picking the fruit. It just depends on what end of this you want to get in on – Jim Rohn

In my article onĀ the myth of innovation, I spoke about how the innovators we know today are the people who found a high impact market for a product, service or invention, then catapulted it to relevancy. Without these innovators, some of the things we use today to solve our daily problems might have never come out to limelight and will have never had the opportunity to impact our lives the way they do. Regardless of who created or invented, the geniuses are the ones who saw the opportunities.

The geniuses we know are the ones who have found a high impact opportunity to harness the talent they have. I could be able to tie a knot in 2 seconds, but that does not make me a genius until I find an opportunity to create some value out of tie knotting. At that point, I become a genius because I have the ability to go through a valuable activity faster than the average person. So, to be a genius at anything, you need to be an opportunist. You need to see what other people are not seeing, in turn, creating opportunities for the things you do better than the average person.

Point is, seek to know, yet, seek to see. Develop an open mind, and exercise your critical thinking abilities so that you can see opportunities that other people can’t. That’s genius.


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