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Generally, I am interested in empirical and mathematical modelling and simulation, and their application to chemical, energy, biological and social systems for optimization, automation and control. Over time my research has focused on green energy and cleaner fuel in the production of biohydrogen from lignocellulose waste using thermochemical conversion processes specifically pyrolysis. Using mathematical modelling and simulation in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the pyrolyzer was designed for optimal heat transfer a determining factor in the yield of pyrolysis three phase products. While still searching for the future green fuel, I worked with a team on the removal of CO2 from Natural Gas (NG), I lead the empirical instrumentation and mathematical modelling and optimization of pressure swing adsorption process for the removal of CO2. The empirical instrumentation deals with the monitoring of the PSA pressures using transducers and data logger. The pressure monitoring feature was developed in-house using programming languages C and python. Presently, the project includes the modelling of bubble formation during acoustic cavitation and the application as a process intensifier in the separation of azeotrope mixture.

Energy Researcher & App Developer.

Senior lecturer and researcher in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Covenant University, Nigeria .

  • Birthday: April 16
  • Website: www.goke.me
  • Phone: +234 8XXXXX
  • City: Canaanland, Ogun, Nigeria
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  • Degree: PhD. Chemical Engineering
  • Email: gokeladokun@gmail.com
  • Consulting: Available

Future interest, involve real-time study using the internet of thing (IoT), remote sensing process through sensors and drone surveillance using C and python for real-time machine learning and optimization application for agricultural farms, high-risk chemical plants, crowd control and security.


Consulting, projects and app developed.

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Olagoke Oladokun

Innovative and applied optimization in energy, biological and social system.

  • Chemical Engineering Department
  • Covenant University, Canaanland, Ota, Nigeria
  • +2348105624799
  • gokeoladokun@gmail.com
  • olagoke.oladokun@covenantuniversity.edu.ng


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Green Energy, Kinetics, Optimization and Multiphase CFD

Master of Chemical Engineering


University of Lagos, Nigeria

Modelling and Simulation and Process Intensification

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering


Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Nigeria

Pollution, Waste Oil and Soil Remediation

Professional Experience

Senior Lecturer

2020 - Present

Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria

  • Teaching and Supervsing Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  • Supervise innovation in water assessment and computer vision
  • Supervise innovation in waste to renewable energy

Post-doctorate Teaching & Learning


Institute of Future Energy, UTM, Johor, Malaysia

  • Developed the code for monitoring pressure in PSA system
  • Developed the multicomponent algorithm for lignocellulosic composition and kinetics.
  • Created the computational fluid dynamic (CFD) model of a multiphase flow sytem for a pyrolysis reactor.



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Our consulting services include modelling, simulating, optimization and risk assessment of existing and proposed system in energy, biological and social processes

IoT Solutions

IoT solutions for agriculture farms, process intensification and remote sensing.

App Development

Mobile, Web and Desktop apps development

Energy Consulting

Pinch and Exegies analysis


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Department of Chemical Engineering, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria


+234 8105624799

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