Knowledge is power, and what else?

You know, since I’ve taken a very keen interest in reading anything and everything with an open and expectant mind, I have to say, there’s way more to be learnt about the world around us than we know we don’t know.

There’s the age long expression that goes ‘knowledge is power’. Though this quote is true, its essence has evolved quite significantly. Today, it is not enough to know, we must be able to take everything we know, connect the intricacies, try to see what others won’t see because of our unique experiences in life and bring unprecedented value to every situation we encounter. I call this executive courage.

Having the ability to apply our vast array of experiences and knowledge to have a heightened state of situational awareness and intelligence.

In summary, seek knowledge. But seeking knowledge is not enough. We should always try to connect everything we know based on our life experiences and world view, then bring our own unique value into ideation, decision making, strategy and execution.

At the end of the day, what makes us different and valuable today is not what we know. It’s what we’ve done with what we know and how the things we know and the things we’ve done can come in concerted effort to help us do better and more valuable things tomorrow.

Food for thought.


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