My Tips for using Twitter

Twitter has been a priceless tool for helping me to discover lots of thoughts and ideas that have made a profound impact on my life. It has also helped me to network and get noticed by people who are playing in the different spaces that I do or intend to. Below are a few tips that have refined my use of Twitter for fun, growth, and to maximize personal value.

  1. I defined how I wanted to use Twitter early. For me, it is the place for news, professional development, and keeping myself accountable for my personal growth.
  2. I hooked Twitter up to Evernote for note-taking. Twitter becomes a stream of endless bites, and important stuff gets missing. I use IFTTT to take my tweets as notes automatically and to expand external links in case they get deleted or taken down at some point. When I create tweets purely for note-taking, I usually delete them sometime in the future. When I create a tweet that I think might be valuable to someone looking at my timeline, I keep them on my timeline. Tweets that I like, reply to, or retweet also get collected as notes, but in a lower priority notebook on Evernote. IFTTT helps me to organize my notes using tags for each trigger type that I configure so that I know when and how to dive deeper later.
  3. I prune my following list endlessly. When someone’s threads or ideas don’t align with my needs anymore, I unfollow them. In general, Twitter is not a very personal tool for me. Instagram is more personal in my life, and so is the real world. Twitter enables me to consume lots of information in sizable bites, but I’m also conscious about how the tone and temperature of the tweets I consume can impact my mood and general outlook on life. This is why the pruning piece is important to me.

If you’d like to share how you’ve gotten the most value from Twitter, comment below. If you picked up a tip, here are the services I referenced –

IFTTT, Evernote (affiliate link), and Twitter

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