On New Year Resolutions

One of the things I want to do this year is write something of value that I’ve learned here at least once a month. That’s a stretch goal.


The last time I wrote here was in May. Prior to that, I had written about once a month, occasionally taking a few months off depending on what challenges I was facing at that point in my life. Even though I enjoy writing, I have been struggling with creating time to do so here on my blog.

If you look through this blog, you will see that I made a new year resolution in 2014 to write at least once a day. I failed. I love new year resolutions, but they simply don’t work for me. What has worked for me is developing habitual discipline and being clear about WHY I created goals, and for what ultimate outcomes. As such, I have gotten good at simply setting goals for myself to fix problems and to create value at work. I have discovered that by putting what would be a personal new year resolution in my usual goal setting regimen, I can increase my chances of achieving them.

As such, this year for me is about creating proactive stretch goals. Goals that are focused on growth and what I want for my future versus goals that I create for the purpose of fixing my existing problems or creating an outcome at work. In general, I am setting a new year theme at being happy and seizing my moments. That for me means intentionally setting the stage for the future in my personal life; setting goals that help me create the life I want while keeping my happiness and fulfillment in focus.

I will continue to evolve my goals as time goes on, but this year, I am focused on improving the way I choose what goals I pursue in my personal life and continuing to finesse my execution.

Carpe diem, and Happy New Year!

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