On character (secundus)

Character. We can’t give what we don’t have. We’ve got to work within because we can’t give without. There is always a role for catalysts, but even catalysts have to stand for or ‘be’ something worthwhile to incite a reaction.

Let’s go go go, but let’s also be be be. Character and an ‘I’ is underrated enough that we only relate with people with whom we can see something that reminds us of ourselves, whether good or bad. As a result, we’re all trying to be like each other – sometimes losing the ‘I’ that makes us unique.

There’s something I love about cooking. Putting different textures and spices together to create a dish where each individual component would have been uninteresting without the other. Let’s work on being, while going. Only the being can live a purpose. Only the being can make an impact. We can play a role and bring immense value to the society around us when we cultivate an ‘I’. This is who ‘I am’, functioning under the guise of society. I’ll make my ‘I’ one of positive impact, but we all know contrast makes all the difference, even literally. Thus the word ‘bland’. Let’s give a lot of respect and appreciation to that contrast, that enables everyone around us be who they choose to be. Not everyone around us is going to fit into a box, but then let’s get comfortable with that. There’s the chicken in the dish, but there’s also the salt and pepper without whom the chicken would be bland.

At the end of the day, we’re all -going- to the same place, physically. The unique character we cultivate while we be is what makes all the difference, lest we eventually be yet another collection of atoms. Look around you, let yourself be, yet, enable the people around you be.

– Goke.

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