Building Remote Teams (1) – Leading

This post covers: Why you should consider having a remote team Styles of leading a remote team and their pitfalls How the style of leading impacts hiring choices While it is complex to foster┬ávision alignment and teamwork in an office where several team members work together towards a certain vision, it is even more complex and interesting to do so with a remote team, or…

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A Case For Shaping Consumer Experiences

Recently, I developed an interest for consumer experiences. Experiences from the perspective of products or services that are being positioned for public consumption. I wouldn’t say this is something I had always been observant of until I encountered a recent mentor of mine (of blessed memory) who was my boss for a reasonable while. We never really went in depth into what exactly that meant…

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Leading Like A Music Band or Orchestra

Rhythm in the dictionary sense is defined as movement marked by the regulated succession of strong and weak elements, or of opposite or different conditions. Typically, when I think about rhythm in its most practical sense, I think about dancing, or a band and this might be as a result as my sheer passion for music and dancing as fun and highly sophisticated arts.

A Think Tank For Small Businesses In Nigeria

Over time, the dynamics of doing business all over the world has changed drastically. The basics remain the same; buying and selling of goods and services. However, the 21st century has exposed the whole world to better and more effective ways of doing business. More specifically, technology has transformed the ways and cost of communication and productivity; the internet, powerful and affordable mobile devices etcetera.