On Taking Photos [and painting pictures in business]

I installed a new app on my phone the other day that takes my closest friend’s photos and mine from Facebook and makes them my phone wallpaper for say, 5 minutes. Having this app has instilled a new spirit of gratitude and understanding to me, as I see my friends and I from another lens. Almost seeing how they’ve progressed over the years. Their thoughts, moments, journeys, families and the things that matter to them. This made me think of a quote I saw in passing a moment ago that said ‘Photos remind you of who you are and where you’re coming from’. With photos, you can capture moments in time that over a period, tells a story of where you’re coming from and how far you’ve come.

Same goes to business. Think about how a business’s culture, or DNA evolves over time. You go from a tightly knit, small team, scraping and hustling for every new customer, or celebrating every little milestone, to a larger team, spending strategically, going after bigger fish, celebrating every hundred or thousand customers etc. In essence, businesses evolve just like people evolve and its priceless to be able to capture and tell that story as time goes on. What are your key metrics? What achievements are you celebrating? What elements define your company’s culture at every point in time? You should paint a picture every time you hit a milestone that can be referred to as time goes on to see where you’re coming from, so you never loose sight of the things that matter.


Image Credit – The Interpretation of Dreams

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