The Culture Code, from IDEO

Being someone who is thrilled by amazing user experience and design thinking, one of the companies I idolize and pay a lot of attention to is the design and innovation consulting firm, IDEO. I wrote about them a while ago and their shopping cart concept design, which was just an exposè to their design and innovation process. Today, I came across Tim Brown’s slides talking about their values at IDEO and the things that matter to them. In summary, they are-

  • Be Optimistic: Believing that something is possible will somehow make it so
  • Collaborate: The most powerful assets we have in our arsenal is the word ‘we’
  • Embrace Ambiguity: Get comfortable with uncomfortable-ness
  • Learn from Failure: Ask for forgiveness, not permission
  • Make Others Successful: Going out of your way to help others succeed is the secret sauce
  • Take Ownership: The unwritten social contract here, individual ownership supports collective responsibility. Own that.
  • Talk Less, Do More: Nothing is a bigger buzz-kill than over-intellectualizing. Design is about rolling up your sleeves and making things

Their video series on these values can be seen here- It is interesting that a company as matured as IDEO still holds their values closely to heart, and make efforts to ensure they keep it at the forefront so they remain accountable. I will be following up with blog posts on some of the values they raised as part of their culture code.

Entire books can be written about each value raised on the slides but have a look:


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