Ubuntu [a manifesto for making better by being better]

No ‘I’s or ‘US’es. ‘WE’, this universal bond that ties all of humanity. Good deeds and kindness send positive vibes in the universe that ripple way farther than we can imagine.

Little do we know the roles we’ve had to play in the bigger good things that happen in the world around us, until we follow the ripple.

Let’s exude positivity and kindness. When something is broken, let’s fix it and make it better for the people that experience it after we do. Let’s take it personal to make life awesome for the world around us. Let’s take it personal to help the world around us bloom, thrive and prosper. Let’s enable the world around us to do the same, our lot to ‘make better’. Ripple good things and kind behavior.

After all, the universe is ours to inhabit and ours to keep. We are all accountable for a better world, starting from the acts of kindness today that ripple into the big things we do not see. We make every good thing possible by doing good things.

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