Benefits and Uses of the Jelly Q&A App For Business

If you’re an app junkie like me, you’ve probably heard of Jelly. Jelly is a Q&A app like Quora or Yahoo Answers but has three major differentiators-

  • It is only available to smartphone users (although questions are viewable on the web)
  • It thrives on the idea of uploading a photo with your question
  • It leverages your already established social network connections to find you albeit real time answers to your questions

Jelly has attracted a fair number of early adopters and is backed by a lot of fan fair because it was founded by one of the founders of Twitter, Christopher ‘Biz’ Stone. From my first moment using Jelly, I appreciated the beautiful user interface, interesting questions my network on Twitter had started posting and the albeit witty answers sometimes offered by their audiences. However, I started scratching my head asking myself how this could add any value to business owners and brands, then it was pretty glaring. Public opinion and feedback. Here are some potential use cases I found-

  • Businesses that have apps can use Jelly for UX feedback on their visual app interface from their networks
  • Businesses that are redesigning their brand or developing new assets can get feedback from their networks
  • Businesses that sell merchandise can get feedback on new products or product designs from their networks
  • Businesses like restaurants can get feedback on food and engage with their networks, potentially encouraging them to pay a visit. Feedback can also be tied to promotions and giveaways
  • Businesses can use it to expose visual cues on what they are working on and get reactions from their clientele immediately – Are my lean startup enthusiasts at the edge of their seats now?

A few things I picked up that makes Jelly a potential goldmine for businesses-

  • Jelly is the only visual Q&A app. People are more apt to respond and engage with visual content than text content.
  • Jelly enables people respond to the ‘photo question’ with a ‘photo answer’, and even enables the person answering to edit the original photo the person who asked the question uploaded. The potentials of this are endless.
  • Jelly enables you leverage the audience you have already generated on social networks. Your questions are only exposed to these people and they are more likely to take the action you require since they have demonstrated interest/intent with your brand.

Well, here we go. I had to discuss the benefits of Jelly for Business with one of my clients today and thought I would share on here as well. Have some more use cases? Feel free to share. Here’s an introductory blog post by Biz Stone-


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