On Writing More

One of the things that I committed to doing in 2014 is to write more. I find that no matter how busy you get, you create time for the things that matter to you. Documenting my journey through the interest labyrinth is something I decided matters to me in 2014 so I’ll be on here more often talking about learnings and opinions.

This is really a cheat post, launching my one blog post a day plan. However, this qualifies as one in my books. I find that tying objectives of this nature to systems that I am more discipline about makes the objective more achievable.  I’ve tied this objective to reading, as reading seems to occur more naturally to me.

Point being, if you need to get a package from point A to B every day, you’re more guaranteed to make the drop unfailingly every day if you go to C for work (assuming B is on the way between A and C). Tie a new objective to a system that works already and the new objective becomes easier to stick to.

Happy new year!



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