5 Things You Should Do To Earn That Promotion

Since I’ve gone off the road of being an individual contributor on teams to being a business leader, I’ve found myself getting a lot of requests for advice from my direct reports and other members of the organization who trust me or have good working relationships with me. One of the most popular questions I get from people is, “What can I do to get promoted and progress in my career?” That is 100% understandable, after all, everyone wants to work on something meaningful and be rewarded with opportunities to grow and do bigger things in the process. I’ve been fortunate to be offered a lot of responsibility in my short career so far, and have been fortunate to have given people opportunities for growth, help mentor them to fill in skill or behavioral gaps and offered them promotions. Here are the few surefire things that makes someone a prepared candidate for promotion in my books, and that of most of the executives I have worked with.
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Ubuntu [a manifesto for making better by being better]

No ‘I’s or ‘US’es. ‘WE’, this universal bond that ties all of humanity. Good deeds and kindness send positive vibes in the universe that ripple way farther than we can imagine.

Little do we know the roles we’ve had to play in the bigger good things that happen in the world around us, until we follow the ripple.

Let’s exude positivity and kindness. When something is broken, let’s fix it and make it better for the people that experience it after we do. Let’s take it personal to make life awesome for the world around us. Let’s take it personal to help the world around us bloom, thrive and prosper. Let’s enable the world around us to do the same, our lot to ‘make better’. Ripple good things and kind behavior.

After all, the universe is ours to inhabit and ours to keep. We are all accountable for a better world, starting from the acts of kindness today that ripple into the big things we do not see. We make every good thing possible by doing good things.

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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Marketing sometimes could be as simple as offering people in need our low margin products and/or services free of charge, with the hope that they’ll pay it back when the opportunity presents itself. I see one too many marketing messages focused on persuasion and coercing people to ‘see’ the value of products and/or services. Billions of marketing dollars go into celebrity endorsements, ad spend and the likes. This type of marketing definitely has its place and has played a pivotal role in modern society. Where would we be without some “Mad Men”-esque drama in our corporate world?

My point for this post is to draw attention to the photo above. A simple, yet effective form of marketing. The message says-

You know, being unemployed isn’t easy. I have your back, and I want you to be successful. I will prove it to you by not allowing you go to that interview in an unkempt outfit. All this with the hope that when you get that job, you will remember me and let me help you out with dry cleaning your work outfits for a fee. If you don’t want to, its okay. But I’ll help anyway.

No catches or clever persuasion gimmicks. We either win a lifelong customer who we’ve enabled tell a story with our brand, or we’ve put a good deed out in the universe. Either ways, everyone wins.

I’m all for businesses that thrive by enabling others thrive.



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